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— Q & A —

01. Q:請問什麼時候發放獎學金? 

      Q:When will the scholarship be awarded?


       A:The Ph.D. program provides a list of scholarships that will be issued after their approval.


     Q:What are the graduation requirements for the Ph.D. program?

      A:(一)  在本博士學位學程修畢7學分共同必修課程與23學分選修課程(詳細規範如第五條)。

          (1) Completion of more than two years of study in this doctoral degree, including 7 credits of core required courses and

                23 credits of elective courses (detailed specifications are provided in Article 2).

          (二)  博士候選人資格考試及格。

          (2) Passing the doctoral candidate qualification examination.

          (三)  通過博士論文計畫口試。

          (3) Passing the doctoral thesis project oral examination.

          (四)  達成研究成果之畢業要求標準(詳細規範如第十條)。

          (4) Reaching the graduation requirements for research results (detailed specifications such as in Article 7).

          (五)  達到英文檢測標準(詳細規範如第十一條)。

          (5) Achieving the English testing standards (detailed specifications such as in Article 8).

          (六)  徵得指導教授同意。

          (6) Obtaining the consent from the advising professor.


     Q:What is the English language graduation requirement for Ph.D. programs?


            English ability standard: Doctoral students must have one of the following English certification standards before graduation:

           (一)  iBT 托福 69 分以上或同等級舊制托福(CBT 托福 193 分以上、PBT 托福 500 分以上)。

           (1) iBT TOEFL more than 69 points or the same level of the old TOEFL system

                 (CBT TOEFL more than 193 points, PBT TOEFL more than 500 points).

           (二)  多益測驗(TOEIC)650 分以上。

           (2) TOEIC score of 650 points or above.

           (三)  博士生須參加前項測驗達二次(含)以上者仍未通過,才得以申請參加學校開授之英文加強補救課程,且經指導教授同意後,


  (3) Doctoral students must participate in the aforementioned test at least twice. If they still fail to pass, they may apply to

        attend English remedial courses offered by the school.

        Upon approval from their supervising professor, they may submit English  proficiency exam registration and results to

        the degree program committee for review.

           (四)  參加英文加強補救課程達 80 分以上者,可替代畢業所需英文能力檢定。

  (4) Those who score 80 or above in the English remedial courses may substitute it for the required English proficiency test

        for graduation.

      A2:英語能力審核:學生畢業前英語能力測驗達到標準,由指導教授和計畫主任審核。 不符合要求的,不得申請畢業論文口試。

     English ability review: The students' English ability test standards shall be reached before graduation, and shall be reviewed

     by the advising professor and the program director.

     Those who do not meet the requirements cannot apply for an oral examination of the graduation thesis.


     Q:What equipment does the Research Center have?



      A:X-ray Diffraction Spectrometer (XRD), Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope (FE-SEM), Scanning Probe Microscope

            (SPM), Raman Spectrometer, High-Vacuum Sputter Coating System, Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) Injection, Electrospinning

             Equipment,  Glass Ceramic Processing System, and Biological Cell Detection System.


     Q:What is the application procedure to use high-valued instruments at the research center?


      A:The high-valued instruments at the center are only available for operation by center members who have undergone training

            and assessment. For detailed regulations and procedures, please contact Ms. Heidi Wang at

            the Instrument Service Desk at (02)2908-9899 ext. 7104


     Q:How to contact the Ph.D. program?

      A:電話:02-2908-9899 分機 7104  /  傳真:02-2906-3269  /  E-mail:qqpeini89@mail.mcut.edu.tw   楊沛翎

      A:TEL:886-2-2908-9899 ext.7104 /  FAX:886-2-2906-3269  / E-mail:qqpeini89@mail.mcut.edu.tw  Patty Yang


     Q:How do I apply for a domestic conference grant?


      A:Please fill out the application form and submit it to the Ph.D. Office two weeks before the conference.


     Q:How to enroll in courses online?



      A:First, you need to check the class registration schedule in the MCUT course registration system


            Once the schedule is confirmed, you can log in to the system using your campus portal account to register for classes during

            the registration period. For more detailed course registration information and schedule changes, please check the official

            website of the Office of Academic Affairs(https://aca.mcut.edu.tw/).


     Q:How are service hours performed?


      A:The work will be assigned by the supervisor, then signed and stamped in the record book after completion.


     Q:Is there a public kitchen available in the dormitory?


      A:Kitchens are located in both the common area of international dormitory and next to the OIA.