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Educational goals and students' core competencies

◆Educational goals

The program aims to make use of the professors' experiences in research and development and in industry-academia practice to integrate optical, electromechanical, and biomedical technology, and other innovative technologies in cultivating senior R & D talents specializing on medical equipment. In terms of research and development, the program aims to deepen the integration of optical and electromechanical innovation technology in medical equipment and biomedical materials, nurture practical research and development, and strengthen the competitiveness of the local medical material industry through industry-university collaboration.

◆Student core competencies

1. Basic biomedical testing, medical equipment and care product development and integration capabilities

2. Biomedical testing, medical equipment and care product design and analysis capabilities

3. Problem-solving ability

4. Research plan writing and thesis writing ability

5. Product R & D intellectual property protection and certification interpretation ability

6. R & D ethics and interpersonal communication skills